Thursday, July 13, 2017

Air Batu Campur Company : #majorthrowback

Hahaha....ini adalah #majorthrowback apabila menyiapkan tugasan dari subjek Madam Mahani, hahaha....ini one day punya shooting.....haha...............tapi sayang, video nih tak tahu dah kat mana.... we go..... dan mohon maaf sb ni copy paste ayat dari blog lama, so aku takkan ubah sebab is GOLD, hahahaha

In my first time ever do a shooting,  We called our as a ABC company stand for Air Batu Campur Company. We 
get this name in the first and the last meeting on Tuesday afternoon. In the first trial, we see madam mahani, she reject our idea, what a sad but we can come up with good idea. And we start the first scene with the dance by the 4 guys : Fazree, Haniff, Anas and Tony , you can see the picture below :

This dance' scene is really funny because we do 5 times i think, hehehe because of tony, he cannot dance and we said, dance the way you like!!

After that, we start with 3 man look at the sky when someone said UP UP UP in the sky, this scene it really funny because fazree enter the scene early and when Haniff want to say NO, and fazree said Zombie, hahaha what a mess, 

Then, We begin scene with Zombie , this part we need to find some dark place and we found near the electricity house, beside volley court. this part we do first because, "Zombie's make up is running out" hehehe, then this part Fazree has to sing, he sing with high pitch tone like Tweety character...hahahaha...

And for three scene mr muscle, school boy and a beggar, is really give me a lot of experience, the most is spend the time together especially with Mr Muscle, hahahahha...What i can say, thanks to Madam Mahani for give us this task, I am sure she will give us more, 

Editing Video and Picture is my passion, so this subject is really trigger to me, hehehehe

bye 2

Enjoy the picture :

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Air Batu Campur Company : #majorthrowback
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